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Five Rapidly Expanding Towns Near Winston-Salem, NC

As Winston-Salem continues flourishing as a hub of culture, education, and industry, its neighboring towns are experiencing significant growth and transformation. These rapidly expanding communities offer suburban comfort, historic charm, and modern amenities, making them attractive destinations for families, professionals, and retirees. This article explores five of the most dynamic and burgeoning towns near Winston-Salem. It highlights what makes each unique and why they’re becoming some of the most sought-after places in North Carolina’s Triad region.

Clemmons: A Quintessential Suburb

Clemmons, NC, located just west of Winston-Salem, epitomizes the essence of a traditional suburb. The town, technically a village, has numerous family-friendly neighborhoods with spacious homes, tree-lined streets, and a welcoming atmosphere. The main drag is full of small boutiques and long-standing, family-owned restaurants of all cuisines, from breakfast diners to sushi. Clemmons is seeing a growing number of big box stores, giving residents fewer reasons to drive into Winston-Salem. Renowned for its top-rated schools and recreational opportunities at Tanglewood Park, Clemmons blends residential comfort with easy access to urban amenities.

Lewisville: Small-Town Vibes

North of Clemmons lies Lewisville, NC, a town cherished for its quaint downtown, local shops, and (very) strong sense of community. Although the town’s incorporation was official in 1991, Lewisville was still primarily regarded as an extension of Clemmons in the early 2000s. A lot has changed over the past decade. Clemmons has benefited from growing commercial development, wildly contrasting Lewisville’s efforts to preserve its small-town atmosphere. Lewisville residents enjoy a calendar full of community events and parks like Joanie Moser, which received a recent makeover with nine new pickleball courts. Lewisville is a great place for residents seeking a balanced lifestyle in the greater Winston-Salem area, where the community spirit is strong and welcoming.

Kernersville: Historic Roots

Over the past twenty years, Kernersville, NC, has gone from being an overlooked town between Winston-Salem and Greensboro to one of the fastest-growing areas in the Triad. Kernersville is seeing explosive growth in population, housing, and commercial development, blending its historic landmarks, like Körner’s Folly, with a thriving business community and cultural offerings. For those looking for some small-town charm, you will love downtown Kernersville, which has preserved its pleasantly old-fashioned nature. Kernersville appeals to residents interested in a rich history, dynamic growth, and access to major transportation routes, offering a unique blend of the past and the future.

Pfafftown: Rural Character

With its vacant land opportunities and the opening of Ronald W. Reagan High School in 2014, Pfafftown, NC, has been surging in popularity. It’s a serene retreat from city life with expansive farmland, rolling hills, and scenic landscapes. Residents enjoy a relaxed pace of life amidst horse farms and local parks, making it an ideal retreat for those seeking a serene rural setting near city conveniences. The short commute to Winston-Salem allows residents to easily access shopping centers, dining options, cultural attractions, and employment opportunities in the city while returning to the tranquility of Pfafftown at the end of the day.

Mocksville: Agricultural Heritage

Mocksville, NC, is in Davie County, west of Forsyth County, and one of the most underrated small towns in North Carolina. Others agree, too, so much so that a new, larger high school with state-of-the-art technology opened in 2017. Mocksville is known for its charming downtown, picturesque landscapes, agricultural heritage, farmland, and historic homes. It has a historic downtown district with local eateries, shops, and various community festivals throughout the year. With proximity to wineries and outdoor recreation, Mocksville blends historic charm with modern growth, appealing to residents seeking a vibrant small-town lifestyle.

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